Birds and Nests £85
Saturday 16 June
10am – 4pm
Join Laura Baxter in her studio to create your own garden bird and nest in copper wire. This is a beginner’s mixed media workshop where you will combine copper wire and metal with paper, feathers, lace, plastics and wood to create your own bird characters perched on a branch.

Wildflower earrings £80
Sunday 1 July
10am – 4pm
Join Laura Baxter in her studio and make beautiful silver earrings inspired by spring blossom, flowers, buds and sprig shapes. Solder, punch, cut, shape, dome and texture silver sheet and wire to make 3 pairs of plant earrings to celebrate Spring.   All materials included.

Wildflower brooches £95
Sunday 8 July
10am – 4pm
Join Laura Baxter in her studio and make a brooch inspired by British wildflowers from the woodlands and road verges. Using silver sheet and wire you will use your drawings or Laura’s flower templates to create your own plant narrative within a brooch frame.  All materials included.

Plant Charms £80
Sunday 22 July
10am – 4pm
Join Laura Baxter in her studio and make your own plant silver charms to create a series of small plant elements to hang on either a pendant, bracelet, moveable ring or series of earrings.  The day will involve you exploring and experimenting with silver sheet and wire to create three dimensional seed, flower, leaf  and bud forms. There will also be an opportunity to have a go at carving a seed charm in jeweller’s wax and cuttlefish casting. All materials included.

Vintage Finds £85
Sunday 15 July
10am – 4pm
Join Laura Baxter in her workshop and transform vintage and antique finds into beautiful brooches, rings or pendants.  Silver chain, sheet, wire and brooch fastenings will be available alongside a selection of Laura’s vintage treasure.  All materials are included but please bring your own vintage finds to personalise your work.  As usual I’m running this workshop twice as it’s still my most popular one so look out for it in June too.

Carve a Wax Ring £65
Friday 20th July
(two sessions 10am-1pm/2pm-5pm) 
A fun and relaxing three hour workshop where you will learn how to carve your dream ring from jeweller’s wax. Learn how to cut, carve and refine wax into a sculpted ring form. Once your unique wax ring is made it will be lost wax cast and transformed into a shiny or matt polished silver ring for you to collect from Laura’s studio or to be posted to you in 2 weeks.

Silver rings £95
Sunday 9 September
10am – 4pm
Join Laura Baxter in her workshop and make your own set of three silver rings using different shaped silver wire.  You will be shown all the skills you need to make three separate or stacking rings. You will learn some basic soldering skills, sawing and finishing techniques as well as how to create texture on metal with different hammers and punches.  All materials included.

Silver Spoons £120
Friday 14 September
10am – 5pm

Join Laura Baxter in her workshop and learn how to make a silver spoon using forged wires, hammering, doming and flypressing techniques. This is a great opportunity to have a beginners go at silversmithing and take home a truly unique one-off item.  All materials included.

Bird Brooches and Pendants £90
Sunday 14 October
10am – 4pm
Join Laura Baxter in her studio and make a silver bird brooch or pendant using silver sheet and wire. Using a bird template or your own drawing you will cut, solder and texture your metal to create your own menagerie of silver bird designs.  All materials included.

Autumn Seeds £85
Friday 19 October
10am – 4pm

Join Laura Baxter in her studio and make a pair of silver earrings and a pendant inspired by the beauty and essence of autumn seeds including sycamore keys, acorn cups, pods and catkins. All materials included.

Tiny Diamonds £160
Friday 9 November
10am – 4pm
Join Laura Baxter in her workshop and learn how to make a beautiful diamond ring using a small white brilliant cut diamond set in gold. Use different shaped wires to make your ring, then texture it, hammer it or leave it simple and smooth.  All materials included. The perfect Christmas gift!

Festive Robin Brooch £95
Sunday 2 December 
10am – 4pm
Join Laura in her studio to make a festive brooch inspired by robins, mistletoe and berries. An ideal opportunity to make a fantastic Christmas gift. All materials and mince pies included.

Mistletoe & Wine £30
Christmas Gift Making
Friday 7th December & Saturday 8 December
10am – 5pm  (two sessions 10am-1pm/2pm-5pm) 
(£30 per person is for 3 hours plus a material bag)
Join Laura in her studio for a few hours or the entire two days to make your own personal Christmas gifts. These can include festive earrings, pendants, brooches or classic rings. Stay for 3 hours or more! All making materials will be available in labelled bags to purchase separately.  Beginners and those with more experience all welcome. All finished pieces will be beautifully packaged as Christmas gifts.

Booking Information
My adult workshops are suitable for total beginners and for those who wish to learn new skills.  Each workshop is limited to just 4- 6 people to ensure a supportive and nurturing experience for all.

Please contact me direct if you wish to book a workshop place.  A 50% deposit is required to secure your place.  Payment can be made by cash, cheque, Paypal or bank transfer.

Workshops include use of all equipment and materials. Refreshments and delicious cake is served all day but please provide your own lunch. Join Laura in her workshop for a creative and inspirational day set in the beautiful surroundings of Welbeck.
To book call  07939 2386098 or email

Keep in touch via my facebook page