School of Jewellery

There is some long awaited exciting news! After a lot of requests and interest I will open a School of Jewellery within my workshop space at Welbeck from September 2013.

I will run two one day workshops a month and an evening class. I am really excited to do this! Having taught metal and jewellery on degree courses for over 15 years now I am really pleased to be at long last setting this up. I have wanted to run workshops for a long time but just haven’t had the space to do it well.

The dates for 2013 and 2014 are being finalised now along with the course content.

The workshops will be held on weekends throughout the year and the evening class on a week night for five weeks. Workshops will be aimed at beginners and those with a bit more experience and cover a wide range of subjects and handskills from ‘Make a ring’, ‘Make a brooch’, ‘Make a locket’, ‘Using found objects’ and some soldering masterclasses. I will also be touching on some silversmithing and plan to have ‘Make a silver spoon’, ‘Make a small copper bowl’ workshops. In 2014 I also want to have enamelling classes there too and bring some vibrant colour into the workshops and into my own work! Please register your interest in taking part in a workshop at the School of Jewellery through my ‘Workshops’ page on my website.  Booking information and a full workshop programme for 2013 and 2014 will be available soon!

Keeping up with my blog is also my next mission so look out regular posts from now on!

Jewellery work bench